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Closed questions in surveys

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I have imported a survey (in excel format) which consists of open and closed questions.


The closed questions have possible responses of 1-5 which relate to likert scale points.  The open questions are text responses.

I have coded the open questions, and now I would like to explore the coding in relation to responses of the closed questions - e.g., if a number of people responded '1' or '2' to closed question 'x,' what were their responses to the open questions?


I hope this makes sense - it is like filtering what open questions I see according to the closed question responses. Is there a way of doing this?





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Hi Jennimh,

To search in this way you can try a Coding query.


The query criteria would be to search in a selected item ( your survey dataset) for ‘Any Cases Where’. You would then select the attribute (closed query response) you want to query for.

Hope this helps.


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