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NVivo Server Project issues - "no available licenses"

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Our team is working on the NVivo Server project. Today I got a notification that I cannot access the server (and hence the project) because there are no available licenses. This hasn't happened before and I was wondering if this happened to anyone else when working with NVivo server projects and what should we do in order to resolve this.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 09.26.23.png

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Hi Lily,

You are having trouble connecting to NVivo Server because there are not enough free licenses available on NVivo Server when you tried to connect. You need free CALs (Client Access License) available on NVivo Server before you can connect to a server project. 

To check the number of currently used CALs, you can ask your server admin to go to NVivo Server manager > 'Users' tab > 'Users's tab and look at the 'Number of CALs currently in use' at the bottom. 

CALs are used up when a license is allocated to a named user in NVivo Server manager ('Allocation' subtab under 'Licensing' tab). For further details on licensing and how CALs are allocated, refer to the link below:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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