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Importing TXT files takes forever

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I'm trying to import .txt files, and it is taking 45 to 50 minutes for a small set of documents. On Activity Monitor (and Force Quit), I see LibreOffice. I checked my drive, and I don't have LibreOffice installed. So, that makes me wonder if LibreOffice is somehow embedded within NVivo 12. If so, would installing LibreOffice proper speed up the import process. By the way, as I monitor Force Quit, I see that NVivo periodically generates "not responding". Suggestions?

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Generally speaking, installing LibreOffice should not affect the process of importing .txt file in your projects as NVivo Mac uses a different version of Libreoffice that is already packaged with NVivo application. However, you can install LibfreOffice and use it to convert your .txt file to .odt format and then import in NVivo. The import process should be quicker ^AK


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