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Hello, I have NVivo 12 for Windows, Pro version. I would like to use the Explore Diagram but it is grayed out (I cannot select it). Do I need a minimum number of cases, files relationships or nodes for it to become available? I only just have 5 cases, a few relationships and 3 files so far (at infant stage of project!). Or maybe I need the Plus version for it to work, that would be disappointing :(

thanks for the help!

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The Explore Diagram feature is available in NVivo 12 Pro. The reason Explore diagram button is greyed out is because you may not have selected the source/case/node. In order to be able to create Explore Diagram, you will need to first select the source/case/node and then create an explore diagram. Please see the link for more information on Explore Diagram below:

https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.55-d3ea61/Content/vizualizations/explore-diagrams.htm ^AK


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