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Importing Survey Monkey data in Nvivo

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Hi all,

I want to import data from Survey Monkey into NVIVO, however the system stops at the Recaptcha. I keep getting the error "recaptcha error, try again later". I cannot find a solution. Any ideas?




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Hello Marlous, I too had the same issue some years ago. Even though Google and Youtube were my friends, and I had to manually add the demographics and then I had to seek support from a professional for this step. The help that was available back then on the internet was limited. See the link below; maybe this may help? (I really struggle with these links and step by steps).  Or if you have a NVIVO 'friend'.  My university had no NVIVO assistance for its students at this time. Good luck! 😀



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Hi Marlous,


This issue has been raised with our technical team and the issue is being fixed. We will have a fix for this issue soon. In the meantime, the work around is that you can login into SurveyMonkey outside of NVivo and export your results to Excel format. You will then be able to import the Excel file in NVivo. ^AK

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