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See Also Links disappeared in Mac Version of project

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Hi all

I recently switched to Mac and therefore (re)activated my Nvivo 12 Pro Student License on my new Macbook. I also transformed my Nvivo project into mac format (following the instructions on the website). Now I opened the project on my mac and at first everything seemed fine until I realized that the 'See Also' links in my memos (which connect me to my primary sources) seem to have disappeared.

Can someone please tell me whether it's possible to display the links somehow? Not having them would be a huge problem for me.


Thanks for your help!


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‘See also links' are not available in NVivo for Mac. I have raised the matter with our Product Manager who collates all feature requests and prioritizes them accordingly. However, I am unable to specify if and when this feature will be available.


You may like to explore hyperlinks, memos and annotations which are available in NVivo for Mac. Refer to the links for more information:



http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_annotations.htm ^AK

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