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Highlighting in different colors

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Is there a way to highlight text in the source material with different colors depending on the node that they belong to? I can only highlight parts of the text with the same color, and it would be very helpful to recognize the node that the highlighted material belongs to in one general view.

I know that I can use the coding density sidebar and its colors in some extent, but I would really like to process the text in its entirety with the highlights visible along the text itself.

Thank you in advance

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Hear hear!! This would be an extremely useful feature! As the application stands, it is extremely hard to know where one annotated unit begins and ends. The coding stripes help to some extent, but it would make our life so much easier to be able to see different categories marked with different colors within the text. I'm attaching a screenshot from a similar tool to show what I mean.

Is this feature planned at all?

Thanks and best


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This feature has been requested for YEARS during beta testing and product evaluation surveys, yet we are still waiting. 


I third this request in this thread.

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