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Combining two spreadsheets in a project.

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I have a spreadsheet of student reflections.  Each row contains a set of classifiers (names, week #, etc), and a written reflection by each student, along with peer feedback, marker feedback, and so forth.  There are ten rows (and ten reflections) per student.  

I have a second spreadsheet that contains student marks.  There is one row per student with one column per week. 

I would like to marry to the two datasets.  Ideally, I'd map individual columns of the marks spreadsheet (marks for each reflection) to the relevant row of the reflections spreadsheet.  However, failing that, I'd like to map an average mark to all ten rows. 

I would prefer to do the mapping inside N-Vivo if possible.  That would allow me to analyse text before it is marked, import marks as they become available, etc.  I presume you do this by making a case for each student-week, or a case for each student.  I can't work out how to do it beyond that. Can you give me some guidance?

Additional points:

- There are two spreadsheets, each of which has ~800 records.  However, I want to do this exercise every semester for the next five years or so, and there are likely to be more than two classes per semester in future.  Consequently, I'd like to do this as automatically as possible. 

- I'm in Melbourne, so can meet to discuss with you if that's easier.

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Hi Peter,

It is not possible to merge or edit spreadsheets in NVivo however, it is possible to import the spreadsheets separately and link them.

To link the spreadsheets, you need to ensure that first column of both the spreadsheets has names or unique identifiers for the students. This will help you code/classify both spreadsheets to the students. 

Refer to the link below for more information on working with Datasets/spreadsheets in NVivo & how to code from spreadsheets automatically:


Kind Regards,


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