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Prue Adams

NVivo 12 Error 'Key already exists' and crash

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On clicking edit on two of our data files ,out of 25 that have been coded and annotated, the error message Key already exists pops up (see attached images for full message) then NVivo 12 crashes.

I have tried both Compacting and Repairing and Merging the project into a new project success, following the instructions given in the forum post below re an apparently similar issue.

Please advise.


Error message on click edit 1.PNG

Error message on click edit 2.PNG

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Hi Prue,

Can you please check if you are running the latest version of NVivo 12 by opening NVivo and clicking File > Help > Check for Software Updates. If an update is available, please install it then try to edit one of these project items again.

If the issue still occurs, can you please log a support request form via this link: https://qsrinternational.com/nvivo/contact-us/customer-support


NVivo Support

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