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Troubleshooter for duplicate files after project import

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As someone who works with a large team of analysts, one of the most frustrating aspects of using NVIVO is that the software still has a lot of bugs that cause duplicate files to be created when you merge two projects, even if the files appear identical.

One thing that would save us a lot of time, since this error is so common, would be to have a publicly-available troubleshooting tutorial that goes through the most common fixes for this problem. For example, workarounds we've found (after hours of trial and error) include:

  1. Use diffchecker.com to check for differences in text
  2. Use Microsoft Word's compare feature to check for differences in formatting (Office 365).
  3. Remove the formatting from the file in both projects by selecting all text in the file and formatting as normal
  4. Create a new blank project for each project and import the project into this new file. Then import one of the new projects into the other

I understand that trying to identify differences in complex text documents--especially with coding, classification sheets, etc. on top of everything--is a highly complex task, and that NVIVO will probably never be bug-free when it comes to project imports. But most of the solutions we've found that worked took a long time to discover and were fairly simple to implement once we did. In general, if there were more troubleshooting tutorials available in NVIVO's online help, this would save users a huge amount of time and probably reduce the number of support requests QSR handles per user.

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Thank you for this. It is really good you have taken the trouble to share with others.  I have found that QSR  offer very limited support for users and fail to reply to many queries adequately.

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