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Summarize Coding by Attribute Value

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Hi There,

I love the way that I can export my code list, and the list hierarchies are maintained in excel. I would like to do this but FILTERED for a specific attribute. Another option would be to create a report or an extract that summarizes the coding references across the codebook for a specific attribute value . It would look something like this, ideally in an excel output:

Attribute Value A (Community 1)

Code 1    - total references

          Code 1.1 - count of references

          Code 1.2 - count of references

                           Code 1.3 - count of references

Code 2 - total references

           Code 2.1 - count of references

...And so on. I have a large code book and I need the hierarchies, otherwise they all just smush together in the queries that I've run.

Many thanks




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You can add Attributes as rows and Codes as columns of a Matrix Coding Query to create a matrix. Later, the result of the matrix can be exported to Word/Excel. Refer to the link below for information on Matrix query:


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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