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order of query results: how to list by coded theme, rather than case? NVivo 12

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Hi, I am new to NVivo, though I have quite a bit of experience in text analysis and in databases. I'm using NVivo 12 plus

My data is a series of text files. Each file has resposnes to several open ended questions, and each file is defined as a case.  Within all the responses in all the files,  I have identified and coded 38 themes. For cases that meet a simple criteria, I simply need to report out a list of references for each coded theme. 

For my query, I specify

  • which cases to include (ie, all cases at a certain site)
  • all themes (ie, all 38 theme nodes I have set up under a single parent node)

The query results are the list of referenes I want to report on. But the listing first  shows the case, then it lists all that case’s content references that are coded to any of the 38 themes, and it lists this content in the order it appears in the case file.  

Instead, I want the results to be listed by theme.  So display the theme name,  and then list all the references coded to that theme, looping through the cases. Then display the next theme name, and list all the references for that theme, again looping through cases. 

I could do a separate query for each theme name, but there must be a faster way!

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