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Help! Recovering a corrupted file

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Hi all,

As seems to be a very common issue with NVivo, my NVivo 12 crashed while I was working on it (I was working on my local desktop, not a network; saving regularly; my computer did not lose internet connection - so I was following all the "rules of safe NVivo engagement"). I've tried to reopen my file, but get an error message; on my third try opening the file it successfully opened, but wouldn't load any of my files. 

I can see that the nvb backup file is in my documents folder, with a timestamp of a couple hours ago - but I can't figure out how to use it to recover my actual NVivo file and I can't find any guidance on the QSR website. I'm hopeful that it's still possible to recover my work. Any tips that you all have found to successfully recover would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Charlotte, 

I can see that you have also been in contact via the support request form on our website. We have just sent you an email with some resolution steps. Can you please check your emails. 


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