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Hi there,

I downloaded around 30,000 tweets from a specific organisation that I am analysing without using the NCapture feature. However, when I import the dataset from an excel file, NVivo does not recognise it as a social media dataset, thus it does not offer me the auto-code option that creates a code for each hashtag and user mention on the dataset.

Is there a way to import this excel document of tweets into NVivo as a Twitter specific dataset? Or how could I autocode the hashtags and user mentions (So I can have one code for each hashtag and user mention)?

I am using a NVivo 11 Pro and a Mac version.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Marcus,

It is not possible to import an excel document as a Twitter dataset. However, you can use AutoCode Wizard to autocode hashtags and user mentions.

You can right click on the imported dataset, click AutoCode, click Use the style or structure and choose 'code at nodes or cases for each value in a column' option to code to Hashtags. You can then use the same method to code to user mentions.

Here is detailed information auto-coding datasets:


Kind Regards,


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