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14.000 municipality web-forum posts from citizens - best practice

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I use NVIVO 12 plus and I have 14.000 posts from the Municipality web-service Citizens suggest, where citizens suggest what municipality should do. Post mostly include suggestions for repairing of the roads, cutting the grass, cleaning the snow, improving playgrounds, enable more parking, etc.

The language of these posts is not one of those supported by NVIVO so auto-coding will not work, I suppose.

So if anyone had a similar situation (large number of short texts, manual coding is impossible), what are the best steps for finding useful info?

I can do word frequency and find most used words, maybe I can code them and then group them together in the same nodes (like roads, street, asphalt, bumps, etc) and then find areas of interest by the citizens. Does NVIVO have any other useful functions fur such a case?

Thank you for any advice.



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Hi MItja,

You may be able to use a combination of word and text search queries. For the word frequency queries you can save results as nodes. For the text search query you can try expanding your results by searching for stemmed words or by changing the spread search option to include more words surrounding the word you are searching for, see the following link for more information:


Hope this helps.



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