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I'm currently working on a group coding exercise in which we are 3 reviewers who are simultaneously working in independent copies of the project and then merging when appropriate. However, I'm about to do a new merge and I want to make sure that I'm doing it right.

Basically, I am the lead coder. Once I've finished coding my files, a secondary reviewer adds to my codes and may modify or delete my codes where appropriate. Say we have two sets of files: Set A and Set B. I have coded sets A and B. The secondary reviewer has just finished reviewing my codes on set A and is ready to move to set B. So we need to merge copies so that she has my codes from the Set B files, but without adding back in any codes that she may have deleted from Set A. I thought I could choose to only merge coding from specific files in the project, but NVivo isn't giving me that option.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to do this? 

Thank you!

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Hi charlotten22,

One option that you can try is to:

1. Create a copy of each file.
2. In the copy of your project, delete the documents/coding from Set A leaving just Set B.
3. Merge the two projects, this will create a project that has the Set A and any additional comments from the reviewer copy and Set B, which will merge as it is still the same in both files.

Hope this helps.


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