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Maria S

Multiple interview entries at different time intervals

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Hi, I an currently using Pro 12.  I have up to 3 interviews for each case recorded at different time periods (eg john was interviewed at week 5 week 10 week 20).  I have categorised each into a phase folder (eg all week 5 for all cases etc) but I want to link each of interviews to the original case so at any time and in any interview I can see the corresponding case characteristics. What would I need to do? Pro 12 wants me to create a new case for each interview, I just want to add the interviews to the case, but at the same time keep them separated by time phase.  Thanks.

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You should be able to import the first interview for the interviewee and create a case from it. You can then import the second interview for the same interviewee and code it to the same case your created previously. Then classify it by attributes with date and time. These attributes can later be used in queries. You can do the same for the third interview and other interviewees.


I hope this helps.



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