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Easy Focus Group crosstab coding

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Hi there,

I am new to Nvivo and looking for a simple solution to code my focus group results in. I tried googling for a solution and also looking at the different functions, but still not clear to me if it is easily available from the software. 

What I have:
Text file transcriptions of the qualitative research (focus groups); coding/nodes based on the categories I would like to sum up; individuals added as cases

What I'd like to end up with:
A matrix table with the columns being the individual respondents and the rows the different categories that I am coding into nodes and marking the respective sections from the transcriptions.

> row1 - Business type; row2 - Location; row3 - No. of employees etc.
> col1 - Respondent #1; col2 - Respondent #2, etc.

Can you please help me understand if/how this is doable within Nvivo? Otherwise would create the table in Excel manually - requesting it directly from Nvivo would help a lot, however.


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You can use Matrix Coding Query to view the matrix table. However, Matrix Coding query will only show number of references in each cell and then you will need to manually open each cell to see the actual data. Alternatively, you may also run Framework matrix and click auto summarise option in the matrix to automatically fill the summaries in each cell.

Please see the link for information on Matrix coding and Framework matrix below:


I hope this helps.


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