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Exporting text into excel

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We are exporting our NVivo data into excel for use in Stata. Though most of our variables/codes/nodes are ordinal or binary, we have about 14 descriptive variables that do not measure anything. These variables include things such as the name of a dam, etc. When we export the data currently, excel treats these descriptive variables as binary variables (for each case, it is marked with a "1" for yes, this case did have a dam coded). We want this descriptive data actually included in the table without having to go back and do it by hand for each case (we have too many cases and there is too much room for error). Is there a way to export the actual coded text into the excel table? 

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Hello @rrminardi,


Currently, Nvivo does not have the feature of exporting coded text as matrix excel tables.

However, there is a built-in extract feature named "Coding Summary By Code Extract". It is located under Output>Extracts.

Using this you can create an excel table that will both include your codes and coded text. You might need to make some adjustments on this extracted excel file to convert into a format that Stata would recognize.

Hope this helps,

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