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Coding text in imported excel spreadsheet

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Hi all.

I have recently imported my text transcripts, completed in an excel spreadsheet, into NVivo. This was relatively easy, but what I'm finding now is that I can't seem to highlight multiple 'lines' (i.e. more than one cell at a time) and code together. So if I'm wanting to highlight a few sentences and code it as one node, I actually have to do that cell by cell, creating more nodes than necessary. Is there a way to highlight more than one cell at a time?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Bree

I would suggest converting your excel to word with a tab or paragraph delimiter then import these to NVivo will be lot easier to code in 'chunks' and depending on the version of NVIVO you are using you may be able to use Auto-code function also.

Good luck !


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Hello @BWeiz,

What you are asking is possible. However, you would need more than one action.

Let's say you have an excel file that has 25 different answers from 200 participants. When coding your first question, you realized that participants 3,7,19,34,56,58,77,83,95,111,145, and 198 provided answers that fall into one of your themes.

1) Press "Control" and click above numbers in "ID" column of your imported excel file. You will be selected whole row for those participants. Press Crtl+F2 and code selections as (let's say) "Exciting-R".

2) Create a coding query with using below criteria:

a) "Coded at >All Selected Codes or Cases>(Choose Exciting-R)

b) "Coded at >All Selected Codes or Cases>(Choose the node you have created for your question 1)

3) Once results are created, click Save Results>Create Results as New Code or Case. Choose Location as you desire then name as "Exciting". 

4) Delete node "Exciting-R".

You are all set!

Hope this helps,

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