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uncoding mass data from Ncapture

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I am currently sitting in front of a dataset of about 1400 tweets captures using Ncapture. I am wondering how I can uncode the data set without having to select just 100 at a time? the view only allows me to select 100 at a time which is just time consuming! 


on a related note, the reason i want to uncode the items in question is that they are supposed to be part of another dataset. (the data set is august 31st but the data I want to uncode is August 30th) my second question is--- can i remove the August 30th data from one dataset and put it in another? i dont want to completely lose the data if i can help it. 

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Hi Scotty,

You can right click on the dataset, click Uncode and select the items you want to uncode it from.

In regards to your second question, it is not possible to edit a dataset in NVivo. But you can uncode the data from one dataset and code the data to nodes/cases belonging to another dataset.

Kind Regards,


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