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efficient handling multiple interviews each participant

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With three interviews for each patient and provider participant at approximately equal time intervals (baseline, 3-month & 6-month), would like to evaluate coding over time within and across patient participants and provider participants who cared for each patient participant. If not clear, this includes evaluating coding for each timepoint across participants, as well as longitudinal evaluations within participants. My instinct is to use classification sheets, but would love to see an example if possible. Unfortunately, team unwilling to reformat all interview data for autocoding purposes so will work with transcripts supplied. Thanks! Maria 

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Actually... perhaps I just create separate cases, even within participants, and then handle with queries. Does (any of!) this make sense?

For example: (Cases\Patients\001_Baseline, 001_3month, 001_6month) etc.

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Hi mhondras,

One option you can try is to create an attribute for each interview source document and assign a value showing the time interval, for example, an attribute ‘Stage’ with values baseline, 3-month, 6-month. The attribute can then be used later in queries to find relevant coding. See below link for more information:


Hope this helps.


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