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I have a project which is a longitudinal study of a set of respondents.  I want to upload new data from each respondent each week using an excel spreadsheet.  N-Vivo treats each spreadsheet as a separate dataset.  So, my project will contain several datasets (spreadsheets).  I want to autocode the new data, using the coding from the previous week to guide the recognition engine.  From reading the help files, it appears that autocoding only occurs within a dataset, not within a project.  Is that correct?  Does this mean the software only recognises text on the basis of codes within that dataset (e.g. spreadsheet) or does the software recognise codes based on text in all the datasets in the project?  I am using N-vivo 11 plus.  I can upgrade if that would make a difference. 

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When autocoding, NVivo will compare the text content (e.g from your newly imported dataset) with the text content that has already been coded (e.g. from the previously imported dataset) to the nodes, even if from a different source. If the text content already coded to the node is similar to the text content you want to code, NVivo will code to the existing node. So, NVivo will simply compare the text coded to nodes regardless of the source it is coded from. In other words, autocoding does not occur within a specific dataset only.

I hope this answers the question.



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