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I am running a team project in which some of the people coding the data use Macintosh machines, but the main database has to be in NVivo Plus for Windows (so we can machine-code the data).  The University has a site licence for NVivo Pro.  Do I have any options for running the project other than installing a Windows virtual machine on each of the Mac's?

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If users have access to NVivo Plus, or their University’s NVivo Pro site license, they can use the same license to install NVivo for Mac. 

Although it is possible to convert a project from NVivo for Mac format to NVivo for Windows format (on same version such as NVivo 12) and vice-versa, conversion is generally not recommended if done regularly. Refer to the link below for details:


Note, the conversion can only be done using NVivo for Windows application.

Installing NVivo for Windows on a Windows virtual machine may be a better option given the situation you’ve described. Note, depending upon the size of project, amount of RAM available to VM, amount of processing power available to VM etc., there may be some performance degradation when using NVivo for Windows in a VM hosted on a Mac operating system due to shared system resources between Mac and Windows operating systems. 



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