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E'lana J

Combining data from multiple files in one project

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I've recently imported a large dataset (excel spreadsheet) and coded a significant chunk. Now I need certain demographics that weren't in the original. I've added a new excel with all the info I need, but it's uncoded. Is there a way to combine these forms? I've also been reading on creating cases, that might possibly help. But in all honesty it seems confusing...Please help!


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Hi E’lana, it’s not possible to merge datasets in NVivo. What you might want to do instead is create cases for your participants to capture their demographic data. The easiest way to do this would be to create cases from the dataset you have already coded. You can find information on how to do this at the following link:

After you have created your cases, you can import a classification sheet to add additional demographic data. Classification sheets will need to be imported as a csv file, you may be able to modify your existing dataset in Excel and save it as a csv file to import as a classification sheet. You can find information on how your classification sheet will need to be formatted and how to import it at the following link:

Kind regards, 

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Thank you, Heather.

Is it possible to separate the coded cases from the rest of the dataset? Other than the highlight view option, I'm not seeing how I can distinguish the coded files. 

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