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Working with NVIVO PRO 11 in Data Safe Haven

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I use Nvivo Pro 11 in DSH (Data Safe Haven) and was hoping that anyone has experience with that? I created a new project, which is supposed to be coded and analyzed by 3 project members (2 in the UK 1 in Uganda). We all have a DSH account. When I followed the exact instructions on the Nvivo Pro 11 glossary (online tutorial) to add members to the research project I created, I don’t have all the properties in the dialog box I need. In particular: I am supposed to have a “groups tab” – which does not appear in order to add project members. Is this so because we use Nvivo Pro 11 in DSH? If not, I'd be very grateful for any advice on how to add other coders to my project!

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Hi Simone, 

It sounds like you are working on a standalone NVivo Project. You will only see the option to add users to project groups if you are working in an NVivo Server (NVivo for Teams) project.  

You can still collaborate in a standalone NVivo project, but the process is different, and you will not need to assign users to project groups. There are a couple of different strategies for working as a team in a standalone project and you can find some information on these at the following link. 


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