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Exporting Annotations + strange bug?

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  1. Is there a way to export annotations from a given file or a number of files?
  2. When trying to produce a report, I get this message "at most 200 items may be selected". Any idea why?

Thank you,


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Hi Amir,

A. You can right click on a file, click Export>Export Document and then tick 'annotations to export Annotations along with the file. You can edit the exported file if you just want to keep annotations.

You can also use the following workaround export all of the annotations in your project to a single Microsoft Word file:

1. Click the 'Collections' folder

2. Select the 'All Sources' search folder under 'Search Folders'

3. Select all of the sources in the List View 'Ctrl+A'

4. Right-click on the highlighted sources and select 'Code Sources->Code Sources At New Node'

5. Select a name and location for this node and press OK

This will create a node with the content of all of your sources, including their annotations.

To export this file follow the steps below:

1. Right-click on the node created in step 5 above and select 'Export->Export Node'

2. Change the option in 'Export' to 'Reference View'

3. Ensure the 'Annotations' checkbox is checked

4. Press OK and specify a name and location for the exported Word file

This exported node will export all of the content from that node including annotations. Now open the exported file in word and scroll down to the end of the document where the heading 'Annotations' is displayed and delete everything above it.

This will leave you with a Word file that contains all the annotations in your project.

Another method is to select all the annotations in a source file by pressing Ctrl key and clicking the numbers under the 'Item' column in 'Annotations'. You can then right click and press 'Copy' to copy all the annotations and then paste them into a Word or Text file outside of NVivo 11.


B. This error NVivo is unable to generate a report on a large number of items(>200). You can reduce the number of items such as nodes or sources, you would like to run the report on, to fix this error. If you are running a predefined report, make sure to select and reduce the number of items to less than 200. 

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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