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What type of query do I need....

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I'm doing some concept elicitation interviews.

I have coded symptoms that people have reported and I have also coded whether these were discussed spontaneously or when probed. I would like a list of symptoms which were discussed for each for each participant, although the frequency is not important. For example I would like to know if the symptoms spontaneously discussed by participant 1 were 'headache', 'blurred vision' and 'forgetfullness'. Each symptom is a child node within 'symptoms' and 'spontaneous' and 'probed' have their own nodes.

I am aware that I could run a coding query for content coded at both nodes so I could run a search for content coded at 'Symptoms' and 'Probed' and this would give me the correct content. However what I would like for each participant is a list of symptoms reported spontaneously and when probed i.e. I would like a search that would return a list of nodes.

e.g. participant 1 spoke spontaneously about symptoms x y z and mentioned a b c when probed.

I'm sure this must be possible but can't get my head around what I need to do... does this make sense? 

Any thoughts much appreciated - QD

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Hi QDiddy,

One option you can try is to use a matrix coding query and set the cell content to display coding presence. See this link for more detail on display options for matrix coding queries:


Hope this helps, ^NVivoSup

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