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Good day! 

Right now, I am using NVivo 12 Plus to analyze some data, and I am having some problems running some Crosstabs / Matrix coding. 

A little bit of background: I conducted a survey online that included 8 open-ended questions. The data was downloaded as an excel file and uploaded in NVivo. I identified each one of the rows as a case (surveyed). The responses were all over the place, which means, sometimes they answered question #1 in question #3. I am interested in emotions, so I created a node for each one emotions participants mentioned. Also, I asked them the physical reactions they experienced while feeling these emotions. I finish coding the data, and I found impressive results, but I want to dig more into the analysis.

Problem: I want to know how many people that mentioned experiencing fear or anxiety (in any of the eight open-ended questions), actually specified they left the place right away or started being aggressive (in any of the eight open-ended questions). I tried to run a matrix coding, using the emotions in the row and the behaviors in the columns area, and I chose the coding option "and." Unfortunately, I am getting over and over "the following message: The query is invalid."

Question: How can I create this Matrix?, I would like to find out the "x" number of people that mentioned the word fear in any of their 8 answers, but also indicated they left the place in any of their 8 answers. What I found is that the Matrices check the number of intersections between nodes (paragraphs that were coded with two different nodes) , but what does not let me see is how many cases (people) have these two nodes. For example, for case 1 I coded fear in answer#3 and leaving behavior in answer #7. For case 2 I coded fear in answer #2 and leaving behavior in answer #4. For case 3, I coded fear in answer #4 and anger in answer #7. This means that:

Emotion                              A:Leaving   B:Anger        Total

Fear                                           2                   1                 3

Example of the desired table:

Emotion                              A:Left   B:Anger   C: Complained

Fear                                           5             12                     3

Anxiousness                            3            15                      4

Example of the desired analysis: The great majority of people that mentioned experiencing fear, also mention they got angry because of that.

Thank you very much for your help!, 






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Hi Maria, 

You should be able to run a matrix coding query to cross tabulate your nodes. After running the query, you should be able to change the cell content to display the number of cases coded to the intersection instead of displaying the number of coding references. To do this, select “Cases Coded” from the Cell Content section of the Matrix tab.  

It’s unusual that you are receiving the message that the query is invalid, so if the above approach doesn’t work for you can you please get in contact with us at https://bit.ly/2CFUHRk as we may need to take a look at your query criteria or your NVivo project. 


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