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Dear all,

I have been utilising NVivo for my PhD project which is a study of the rhetoric of the Far Right in Greece and France. I have utilised a number of speeches their MP's have made, and have codified excerpts based on how they frame certain issues. 

I would like to create a Venn Diagram in order to showcase how their various frames interrelate. For example, part of a speech may talk about the issue of national sovereignty and privatisations. Thus I would have coded the excerpt under these two different nodes (National Sovereignty, Criticising Privatisations). I am aware that Venn diagrams are not available in Nvivo, so I would like to ask if it is possible to see in which nodes and cases an excerpt is coded at, so that I can group them in broad categories (such as External Policy, Economy, Politics etc.) and then make Venn diagrams on my own.

I thank you in advance for all your help,

Best regards,


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Hi MRizakis, 

If you are wanting to see how you have coded a particular file you can do this by turning coding stripes or highlighting on. This will give you an indication of which portions of the file are coded to each code or case. You can find information on using coding stripes at the following link:

If you are after a list of all the codes or cases you have coded a particular file at you can find this information by running a Group Query. The criteria you would select when doing this is to look for “Items Coding” and the change the Scope to Selected items and select the files you are interested in. You can find information on group queries at the following link:


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