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Exporting filtered matrix coding query results to Excel

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After creating a matrix coding query with cases down the rows and coding categories across the columns, NVivo allows you to filter the matrix by row or column values, which is very helpful.  However, it does not let you save these filtered results with your query or export them to Excel, from what I can tell.  Is there any way to export the matrix to Excel with the column/row filtering preserved? Thank you!

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Thank you for contacting NVivo Support.

You should be able to save the framework matrix to an excel format and open it outside of NVivo. Once you have finished running the query, you may save the query and add it to your project. Also, you may export the query results in excel format by following the steps below:

  • Run the query
  • In the results, right click
  • Click on Export Node Matrix
  • A window will appear
  • Browse and select the location
  • Name the file and click Save

I hope this helps.



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Hi Akshay,

Thank you for providing this information.  I am able to export my entire matrix to Excel, but, if I filter the matrix by a value in a particular column, for example, it won't let me save or export the filtered results.  Do you know if this is possible?  Thank you!


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