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Nvivo 12 detailed manual and annotations

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This is a request for an up-to-date manual for NVivo12. The language in the manual for Nvivo11 has changed in the newer version of the software and it makes the use of the help manual less efficient.

This is also a question about hiding annotations. The NVivo11 help manual contains the following:http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/add_delete_and_manage_annotations.htm?rhsearch=annotations&rhsyns=

In Nvivo12, I cannot find this feature. Please advise.



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Hi aatrainor, 

You can find the NVivo 12 help at the following link;

The option to show or hide annotations is present in the View group in the ribbon. The tab this appears on will depend on the source type you have open. For example, if you have a document open this will appear on the ‘Document’ tab, while with a video it would appear on the ‘Video’ tab and so on. 


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Hi Heather:

From this link I see the release notes but not a full, searchable manual. Has that been released? Please send the link to that.



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