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As project member R was working on a non-server version of the project "ORIGINAL.nvp", she got kicked off the internet. This resulted in a small bit of lost data. R made a copy of the file and closed. Next, team member L used ORIGINAL.nvp, unaware of the lost data. ORIGINAL.nvp, is intact, but it is missing a memo and a bit of coding from one document. We want to merge those items from a copy of ORIGINAL.nvp into ORIGINAL.nvp, We tried and received the message "items not imported." Please advise.


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Hi Audrey, 

What process are you following when you are merging the projects together? You should be able to merge the two projects together following the instructions at the below link:

When merging projects, if two project items are duplicates the project item won’t be imported again and will appear on the list of items not imported. Coding to this item will be imported and merged with the existing coding. If NVivo successfully detects that your document is identical in both projects, it’s expected that the document will be on the list of items not imported. The coding from both your coders should be present in the merged project.

If the memo only exists in one copy of the project, the merged project should contain this memo. If both copies of the project contained this memo but with different text the merged copy of the project would contain both copies of the memos. NVivo will only merge the memos together if the text is identical, otherwise both copies are kept. You would need to manually edit the memos and delete the second copy. 

If your projects still don’t seem to be merging as expected, please submit a support request at the following link as we may need to take a look at your files:


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Thanks, Heather. This is great info. One further question ... When merging, we must create a new project into which we bring both versions of the project? In the above post, I was thinking we were merging one version into another. So A and B go into C, not A goes into B, correct?

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