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looking at respondents coded responses side by side

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Hi - apologies in advance if I don't explain this well as I'm new to NVivo.

I have looked for information on this question and cannot find it.

I have 700 survey respondents, who I asked 2 questions:

Q1. What do we do better?

Q2. Why do we do that better?

I have coded Q1 to 15 codes.

I have coded Q2 to 5 codes. [resources, funding, people, expertise, experience]

I now want to look at the results. How do I get the codes to appear side by side, identified by each survey respondent?

As example, it should show: Respondent # - Q1 code - Q2 code

I want to be able to say "50% respondents say we do X better. Of those respondents, 40% say it is because of resources; 30% say it is because of funding and 30% say it is because of our people. No-one thinks we do X better because of our expertise or experience."

Any help appreciated...



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Hi Nic, 

It’s not possible to get quite the output you are after. The closest thing you could do would be to view your dataset with coding stripes turned on to get an indication of how it has been coded. You can find information about turning coding stripes on at the following link:

As for finding the number of your survey participants coded at each of your theme nodes, something you might want to explore is running a matrix coding query. For example, you could have a matrix coding query that has the 15 codes from Q1 as the rows and the 5 from Q2 as the columns. As you won’t have any references coded to both your Q1 and Q2 sets of nodes, you would need to change the query criteria to show references coded at the row criteria NEAR the column criteria and change the proximity to find references in the same dataset row. 

Once you have run your query, you can change the cell content to display cases coded rather than references coded. This will give you the number of survey participants who have coding at each intersection. Another one of the cell content settings you may be interested in is the row percentage. This will show the percentage of the total value of the row coded to each of the columns which would let you find information such as ‘Of the participants who say we do X better, 30% say it’s because of funding’ and so on. 

You can find information on how to run a matrix coding query at the following link:

To set some of these query options, you will need to follow the instructions to run the query outside of the query wizard. After setting the criteria to search for rows NEAR columns, you can click the ‘Options’ button to change the proximity. You will need to change the proximity to ‘In Custom Context’ and then click ‘Specify’ to set the proximity to the same dataset row. I’ve attached a few screenshots showing where you can change these options. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 5.08.36 pm.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-25 at 5.08.52 pm.png

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Thank you for this reply, the coding stripes do not help in this instance.

I followed your instructions to run this query, but had an error returned 'The query returned no results'. See attached.

I cannot understand what I am doing wrong, as I can see references coded to the nodes.

Also, I don't have the 'options' button available; perhaps because I'm in Nvivo 12+?

I also tried this using the 'query wizard' and had the same error message.

Please help...


Matrix error.docx

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Hello Heather,

I have tried this again and this time, the options box is available, so I followed your instructions.

However, I still get an error 'the query returned no results'.

Appreciate assistance.



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Your matrix explanation is great.

Is there a way to save posted replies to topics that are of interest to us, creating a personal archive of help topics? I favorited them, but I do not see an option to save.


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