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Query: coding after a certain date

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I am trying to run a query to find all material that was coded at a specific node after a certain date.  I have found the filter for the date (Date modified, or Date created) in the query window, but when I apply the filter, then all my nodes are greyed (turned off) and I can't seem to select the node I want...  Thanks for your help!

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Hi mhraymond, you can find references that were coded after a certain date by running a custom report. You can find information on how to run a custom report at the following link:

To find all the references coded to a node after a certain date select the following criteria for each step of the report wizard:
Step 1:
Select to create a report from the 'Code' view. 

Step 2:
Include the following fields:
•    Code.Name
•    Coded File.Coding Reference.Coded Text
•    Coded File.Coding Reference. Modified On

Step 3:
Add the following filters:
•    'Code.Name' 'In'
•    'Coded File.Coding Reference.Modified On' 'On or after'

Step 4:
Group by Code.Name

For steps 5-7 you can click next to accept the defaults. On step 8 you will need to set a name for your report and then click 'Finish'. 

When running your report tick the check boxes next to both of your filters, and use the Select buttons to choose the codes and date ranges you are interested in. The output should show the code name, the coded text and the date it was coded. 


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