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Query the Frequency of Particular References by File

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I was hoping someone could detail the steps to run a query that allows you to see the number of references by node, by file.

For context, say I have 5 coded interviews and I would like to break down the total number of references for each node to see how many times particular nodes have been referenced in one particular interview.

Every time I try to run a query I end up with an error. So I ended up making 5 copies of the file so that I had one interview per file and then looking at the node structure. Which works, but I'm assuming there is an easier way.  Surprisingly I can't find much online (though maybe I'm googling the wrong terms) except for links to generic "How to run a query" articles which don't give any hints as to what parameters to select to achieve this outcome.


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If all 5 interviews are in a single document, you can create 5 nodes based on interviews and code respective interview text to those nodes. Then you run a Matrix Coding query between interview nodes and your theme nodes. The resulting matrix will show the number of common coding references across interviews and themes.

The other solution which you've already tried is to have these interviews in separate documents. You can then run a Matrix Coding query between interview documents and nodes.

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