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I'm facing some bugs in regards to framework matrices in Nvivo 12.
Multiple cells have duplicate  text, sometimes repeating the text 3 or 4 times. (I reported this bug here  https://nvivo.canny.io/bugs/p/auto-summary-in-framework-matrix-creates-duplicate-text in February.).
A more recent observed issue - it also seems that the framework matrix also doesn't pick up all the data. For example, I had multiple entries coded under "Person A" and "Observation A". None of these showed up in the framework matrix though they do show up in other queries. In fact the whole column "Observation A" is empty. This bug was new to me and  I had been building my findings off results from framework matrix though I'm not sure I trust it.
Any suggestions?
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There are 2 scenarios when duplicate entries can occur in a framework matrix: 
1. If you have previously created a framework matrix in your project, the summaries are not deleted from the project even when you delete the framework matrix. If you then create another framework matrix which contains the same intersection (I.e same combination of themes and cases) this summary will be automatically added to your framework matrix.
2. When the auto summarise function is run, it adds a new copy of the summaries, rather than updating the existing summary. So if the auto summarise feature is used more than once, the summaries will get duplicated. 
A workaround for now would be to manually erase these summaries from your matrix (backspace or select all the text and delete).
In regards to the issue about matrix not picking the data, the framework matrix cells have a character limit of 8000. This can result in missing data in cells where character limit is exceeded, when you use Auto-Summarize feature.
Kind Regards,
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I have also had a similar issue. I added new transcripts and then recoded based on an updated framework. I created a new matrix where many of the cells were missing. When I used auto-summarise it picked up some of the new coding but duplicated everything else. I am worried its not picking up everything that I recoded...

Based on your previous advice should I manually delete everything from my matrix and use auto-summarise as to go back and work out what has been recoded would take a lengthy amount of time?

I also wanted to keep my original matrix and create another one for my summaries - I tested this in one cell and it looks like the old and new matrix are the same. Can I actually do that or am I better to export to excel and create a summary matrix there? I have also tried copying the project and renaming it and it looks like the new summary rather than the original has carried forward?



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