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Removing or suppressing records from a dataset

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I have a dataset that I imported using excel.  It contains 160 records of about 1000 words each.   I have hand-coded it.  There are a number of records I want to exclude from the final analysis.  I want to analyse it a number of ways, including simply producing a hierarchy chart of all the data in one field.  I would like to keep the excluded data if possible. 

Is there some way of doing this, other than uncoding the records I want to exclude?  Is there a way to:

- Copy the records I don't want to include out of the dataset into a new dataset?

- Add a classifier variable, filter by the classifier, and then do the analysis?

- If either of these requires me to export the data, can I do so in a way that retains the coding?

- Other ideas?


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Hi Peter,

Thank you for contacting NVivo Support.


Unfortunately, there is no way to exclude specific excel rows/columns after you have imported the dataset in your project. You will need to edit the excel file outside of NVivo and then import the excel file in your project.

I hope this helps.



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Hi AKshay.  That doesn't really help.  The problem is that the data have all been coded, so if I exclude the records and re-import the spreadsheet, I'll lose the coding.

My current strategy is to attach a classification sheet that says whether or not the case needs to be excluded.  Then, once I've linked the classification sheet to the dataset, I can sort on the exclusion criterion, and exclude the relevant records from the analysis. 

However, the problem I now have is that I don't know how to link the cases in the classification sheet to the cases in the dataset.  Is there some way to do it automatically, or do I have to do it manually?   Both the dataset and the classification sheet have the same set of email addresses in the first column.  More generally, if I have 12 datasets (which I do), all with records from the same cases (and all indexed by the same email addresses), is there some way to tell N-Vivo that each record with the same email address is part of the same case?

(Sorry to be so tardy in responding.  I had an outdated email in the system and so didn't get a notification when you replied.)

Thanks,  Peter.

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