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Dear all,
Sorry to ask a question that has been asked many times.
One of the issue I have with nvivo is choosing how to structures the source files. Having one file per case has advantages and disadvantages. My experience is that nvivo has trouble when working with many separate sources. Merging the cases in the same file earns in processing speed (nvivo but also human processing). But I cannot access to some functions when all cases are merged in one source file. Nvivo is more powerfull with each case in a separate source document.

I would have liked to have your point of view, the pros and the cons of having cases aggregate  in one source or each one in separate sources.

This project consist  open ended questions of a survey. So I have about 3000 individuals. But we can discuss this issue more generally: at which point it is a good practice to separate the sources?



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If I understand your question correctly, my opinion is to use sets. Make one set per participant and then associate project items or files with each participant. I have not have problems with NVivo handling many sources and the fact that it can is one thing I like about it.

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