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Summary of nodes + references by source?

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I'm using NVivo 12 for Mac. I'm wondering how to generate a report of all of the material I have coded for each source. The closest I can find is the Crosstab query -- this gives me a list of the nodes I have coded this source at, and I can double click on each node to see the references. But I'm looking for one printable document for each source, with all nodes and associated references. Is this possible?

Many thanks,


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Hi Liz,

Printing coding stripes seem to be the best option. You can open a source, turn on Highlights & Coding Stripes and then print this to a PDF. This will show you entire source with names of your nodes along with highlighted sections in the source that have been coded. 

Here is detailed information on Highlights and Coding Stripes:



Kind Regards,


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Thanks for your reply Bhupesh. I've tried printing highlights and coding stripes to PDF as suggested. This was quite unhelpful for me, though. It's very difficult to read and doesn't give the kind of neat summary that I'm looking for. I'm writing this reply to let you know more than anything... perhaps something that could be addressed in a future version.

Cheers, Liz.

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