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Hello, all--

I'm using NVivo 12 Plus. I'd like to code data from a spreadsheet with NVivo and then export those codes with their associated case classification as a spreadsheet, preferably with both the name of the code and the coded text. It appears that this would be possible using the Coding Summary by Code Extract and adding the Case.Classification.Name field, but my exports have this field blank. 

At the moment I have one spreadsheet with the first column in the spreadsheet stored as a Case Classification. Is it possible to create an extract that would associate the Case Classification with the codes using spreadsheet data? If not spreadsheet data, would it be possible for individual files, like .pdfs or .docx documents? 

I'm willing to consider other workarounds, as well, but I do need to get the data out of NVivo because I'll need it for multivariate analyses. 

You can see the blank classification field below:


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Hi Cassie,

This report unfortunately cannot show both the theme node, coded text and the classification attributes of intersecting nodes. However, as a workaround you can use the coding stripes feature. To do this, open theme node in detail view and turn on a coding stripe for the attribute required. The below link has more information on coding stripes.


The node detail view with coding stripes can be exported by printing the node references but selecting to print to a file instead of a printer, you may see an option to use Microsoft Print to PDF or similar.

Hope this helps.



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