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Need help w/ analyses & visualizations

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Hi there, I am having trouble performing a # of functions in NVIVO for Mac despite reviewing the help manual and many online tutorials. Perhaps I'm being dense, but I"m hoping somebody can walk me through some of these functions step by step.  Thanks for your patience and support.

1)Would like to compare two groups on certain nodes, or on node frequency in general. I created case classifications for group A and B and assigned cases to each, but did not add any attributes, bc its not necessary. I want all of group A vs all of group B. I attempted to do this comparison using matrix query, or crosstabs, and it seemed like I just couldn't enter the inputs properly.  Basically I just want to see how coding differed between groups. I also may want to look up certain nodes and see if group A used it more than group B for example.  This seems so basic, yet I can't figure out how to do it!

2)I'd like to do inter rater reliability with 2 students of mine on a few files. Is the only way to do this to import the entire project? I attempted to import those few files, but the coding was lost and it was treated as if it was my file.  I have 2 students using the same laptop to code. They are doing 3 sample transcripts, and I want to check IRR. How can I do that?  The help manual keeps making it seem like you can just add a user, but the option is not being given to me under preferences. I can only change my own user name, but I cant add another one.  I read the sections on teamwork thoroughly, yet nowhere does it explain how to attribute a file to another user.  I'm guessing they should save the project with their coding (even if its only 3 files) and then I should "import"--will that automatically attribute it to the correct user? Also, we have 2 students using the same lab laptop with the same version of NVIVO.  Again, I saw you had something in the help section about this. I'm hopeful that they created individual logins bc they logged into the computer separately, but I"m not sure.  How can I track these 3 separate users? 

3) I'd like to run queries and do visualizations but remove certain words from use.  For example, my transcripts of interviews say "Interviewer: text and Student: text".  The words "interviewer" and "student" then end up featuring prominently in my word cloud, but they are useless.  I also end up with words like "like" and "maybe"--also useless to me.  Can I select words to ignore in  the analysis so I get a better picture of core content?

Lastly, is there a chat or phone support line for help with running analyses and using the software? I feel silly for asking these things, but the fact is, I spent hours on tutorials and scouring various websites, and this information simply didn't become clear. Unfortunately I am facing deadlines and unable to complete a 3-6 week online course.  What other resources besides videos & the help guide do you recommend for better learning certain software functions?

I thank you in advance for your time, patience and assistance.



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Please see below the responses to your queries:

1. You may wish to create a classification called Groups  and also give Attribute values such as Group A and Group B. Then a Case called Interviewees, school, lecturers etc. based on your project. Open each case and assign classification Groups and attribute values A or B. Once you have done that, you should be able to run Mate Coding query. Please see the link below for more information on Matrox Coding query:

2. In regards to your query, each user will need to code the transcript in the same project but different copies using their own user profiles. Once all the users have finished coding in their individual projects, you will need to merge all the projects for e.g. Merge Project 1 with Project 2 and project 2 with Project 3. Once the merge is complete, you should be able to run Coding comparison query in the project. Please see the link below for information on merging projects:

       Also, please see the link below for information on Coding Comparison Query:

3. In relation to the third query, you should be able to add the unwanted words to the ‘Stop Words’ list by following the steps in the link below:

Please see the link below for information on contact numbers and submitting a support request:

Also, you may reach out to our NVivo certified trainers who should be able to assist you with your project related queries and give one on one guidance: for additional cost

I hope this helps.



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HI Akshay,

Thank you for your responses.  I'm afraid this still hasn't solved some of my problems, and am hoping you could offer further guidance. I've left messages with tech support and am hoping they can help as well.  I'm starting to deeply regret purchasing this software because it does not feel intuitive and very simple functions are needlessly time consuming.

1.I created a classification called groups and then added the attributes that would actually be my groups "first generation" and "continuing generation", as well as "online only" and "in person".  However, I need to add CASES to those categories so I can compare data across groups.  So, I tried selecting each individual case, doing "get info" and trying to assign it to the right group based on that. However, when I ran a matrix coding query with Group type cont gen = yes in rows and group type first gen = yes in columns (i just ran this w/ 4 files to test it), I see nothing. There is no node matrix, there is nothing of use for me to see. This should be very straightforward. I also tried creating a classification called "cont gen" adn another called "first gen" and assigning cases to each, but then I cannot run a query, becuase there are no attributes specified. I just want to see whether the nodes look different for each group.

2.I merged the projects even though there were only 3 overlapping files in each. However, after I did that, I had 3 copies each for each file. Running a coding comparison theory then, I included 2 copies and selected 2 users, but results suggested no agreement. Also when I tried to click "coding comparison", it doesn't show me each user. I think the problem is that I should be having ONE copy with 2 sets of coding on it, but the import (and I did follow the import project guidelines on help) apparently just duplicated the project.  What can I do about this?




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