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Hello, I use NVivo8. My computer crashed and my NVivo projet was opened. After resetting my computer, and trying to open my project, I received this message enclosed informing me that my file wa corrupted. And I cannot open it anymore, and I have hours of work in there and am becoming desperate…..Is there a tool or a way to recover the file? I have tried to do it and it does Nothing.

Thank you for helping me for I find curious that only because tne computer did not shut down properly that I get to loose everything.




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Hi Valerie,

We have been communicating to you via email. Please provide us your file for further investigation. 

Kind Regards,


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I had the same problem of N 11 not opening after downloading the program to rebuild my computer following a crash.  All data files were saved.  Tried opening "Sample Project" without success.  Provided QSR my zipped  crash information file but did not receive a response regarding the cause of the problem(s).  

30 September: downloaded replacement N 11

13 October: forwarded crash information to QSR-- NO Response

15 October: QSR representative closed out customer request

Case number: 00637309

Contact Support Case Follow up [ ref:_00D2820aRK._5000I1nEvOT:ref ]




OfflineCrashLogs (1).zip

OfflineCrashLogs (2).zip

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