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I am doing a text query  and using the word, "uncle." I only need the search to look in Interview 1s that are associated with cases with the attribute "male." I thought I could easily filter to accomplish this. But the item "Classified items where" allowing attribute selection is not usable but I do not understand why. Any insight?

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If you would like to use the visuals of text search query, then you need to perform additional coding in order to reach what you want, since text search query does not allow you to filter with a case attribute value.

Assuming you have already created your cases for your interviews and case classification attribute for gender, the easiest way would be making a coding query using two criteria: 1) Cases>interviews, 2) Gender>Male. You can set query criteria as in attached picture. 

Result will provide you all the interviews with male participants. You can save query results as a code with name "Maleinterviewparticipants".

Then you can perform a text search for the word "uncle" in this newly created node.

Hope this helps.



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