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Guest Alex

Exporting nodes alongside original dataset

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Guest Alex

Hi there,

I am using NVivo 12.4 on a Mac.

I have a survey response dataset of 3064 rows (i.e. 3064 respondents) and 30 columns (e.g. attributes or survey responses) that I've imported for analysis into NVivo.  One of these columns is a series of different text responses by respondents and I have coded these in NVivo using the nodes approach.

I am trying to find out how to export the original dataset I imported alongside the nodes I coded to look something like in the attached.  Is this possible, and if so how?  If not, is there a way around it?

My reason for trying to do so is because by using this type of exported dataset, I can then relatively easily create a multinomial logistic model in R with the different nodes I coded as the non-ordered categorical response variable.

Any questions, please do ask and apologies if my terminology is wrong in place, all of my NVivo "expertise" is self-taught.




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