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I've created a simple report that shows the coded text for selected nodes. I typically write a memo summarizing the node. I'd like to place the memo at before the specific references but cannot figure out how to do that.

I've linked the memo to the node. I tried highlighting and coding the text in the memo. That pulled the text into the report but I couldn't figure out how to sort the report so the summary came first. I found the field for Code.Linked Memo Name but only allows you to select a single memo.

Any suggestions about how to integrate memos into reports?

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Hi James,

It wouldn't be possible to show memo text in reports. It is also not possible to sort coded data from memos to bring it in front. 

Instead of writing information about nodes in memos,  you could use the Description field. Description can be added by right clicking on the node, click Node Properties and typing in Description field.

You can then generate a report with node name, node description and coded text.

Kind Regards,


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