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NVivo 12.6 for Mac files only exporting in .qdpx format?

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Guest JoBourke


I have recently upgraded to NVivo 12.6 for Mac and now can't export project files in the standard .nvpx format so that I can work with my colleagues. Whenever I try to export files to upload to Dropbox they're automatically saved in .qdpx format and the only way that they can them be opened by other people in my team is through a conversion process which results in the coding and other features being lost. Does anyone have any suggestions here? I can't find a way to ensure that the default saving/export happens in .nvpx format. I've tried deleting and reinstalling Nvivo but that hasn't fixed the issue. 

Thanks very much! 


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Hello everyone,

The export function in Nvivo for Mac is built to "project transfer between participating qualitative data analysis (QDA) programs", not to share project files with colleagues who uses Nvivo. For details you may want to look below link

https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/mac/v12.1.90-d3ea61/Content/projects-teamwork/refi-qda standard.htm

However, if you would like to share a project with your colleagues and they will use Nvivo for Mac, then all you need to do is to save (not export) your project, which will be in nvpx format.

Hope this helps,

With kind regards,

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