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Unable to invite users to Collaboration Cloud Workspace

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Since there is no dedicated space for the new " NVivo for Windows" yet, I decided to post my question here.

I installed the trial version and initiated a subscription for Collaboration Cloud.

After uploading a project as an administrator/workplace manager, I tried to invite users to collaborate.

However I could not manage to invite any users. Frankly, help space does not contain any visual guidance for us to refer.

Information page of Collaboration cloud says:

Invite Collaborators and Workspace managers

Workspace owners automatically have Workspace manager permissions in the workspaces they create. Invite other users on your account as Workspace managers or Collaborators by:

  1. On the Workspaces screen select a workspace to open it
  2. On the Add tab, select a user and the desired role.
  3. Optionally, 
  4. Click Assign role.

After I click Add tab, it opens the attached interface. However, "select users" drop-down only allows me to select my own account. Even I tried to search user via typing several options to add others nothing happened. I tried to enter other user's mynvivo login e-mail, Name and Surname, and institutional name that they used while subscribing to Collaboration Cloud.


Could you please provide guidance on how can I add another user?


With regards,

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 14.46.48.png

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To add users to Collaboration Cloud, could you please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the myNVivo portal (portal.mynvivo.com) with the account that was used to purchase Collaboration Cloud.
  2. Click on the Account icon on the upper right section of the screen, and select Purchases.
  3. Click on the Options icon (triple colon) in the NVivo - Collaboration Cloud group and click Manage License.
  4. Click on Assign User and enter the user details.
  5. Click on Add User.

In NVivo, please log off Collaboration Cloud, exit NVivo, and then log in again to Collaboration Cloud with the account that was used to purchase Collaboration Cloud. You should be then able to select users.

Kind Regards,


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Hello Bhupesh,

Thank you so much for your response.

Following your suggestions, I successfully managed to add users to Collaboration Cloud.

However, please note that the information you shared is not documented on official help page.

Moreover, Collaboration cloud interface does not have a download progress indicator.

I have already provided  feedback regarding these on nvivo.canny.io

With regards,


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