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Guest Adam

Suggestions for document vs. dataset file import?

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Guest Adam

I have a (.xlsx, or .csv) dataset with about 250 respondents, including demographic info and, in one column, full transcripts.  Each transcript is about an hour long, and so the viewing format of 100 entries per page is cumbersome.

The hour-plus transcripts are also typically in single paragraphs, and so the code-striping seems to stripe the entire cell in the dataset for every applicable code, instead of just the line or two that are relevant.  

Would you import every row in the dataset as a separate file? If so, would the recommendation be to import them all as documents (.txt or .doc), instead of datasets?  

Huge thanks. Glad for any advice.

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Hello Adam,

Importing survey data in excel format has significant auto coding advantages, especially for your demographic data. Therefore, I would not suggest you to import each row (i.e. each case) as a single file.

If coding stripes really help you in your coding/analysis you can still use them in form view of your imported excel file instead of table view.

After all, even you import single files for each case, to be able to see stripes in a way you want you would still need to read each file from top to bottom.

Below, figure exhibits why you could not utilize stripes.


This figure belongs to exact data in form view. This view lets you work on each of your cases separately.



Hope this helps,

With kind regards,

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