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Guest Sablhotel

I need to find how to make a request in order to check the coding of references after merging  different projects.

Nvivo allows requests for nodes but I need a request for different questions within our data.

For example, we have downloaded student surveys with several questions and 2 researchers have coded one question on their own.

How can we check the coding differences for this one question?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello Sablhotel,

Actually looking for a node or question is not different at all.

Let's say you imported a survey data with 10 questions and 250 participants which is coded by two or more researchers.

All you need to do is while importing (you can do it later but this way is much easier) code each question with a node.

Later, if you would like to compare coding on Question 2 just run a coding comparison query selecting desired users and nodes.

You may want to look at detailed description at below link.

Please note that it is belong to Nvivo 11 but mechanics of the query are still same.


Hope this helps,

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